The Colon Connection: Low Back Pain

According to National Institutes of Health, “If you have had lower back pain, you are not alone. Back pain is one of the most common reasons people see a doctor or miss days at work. Even school-age children can have back pain.  Back pain can range in intensity from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp or shooting pain. It can begin suddenly because of an accident or by lifting something heavy, or it can develop over time as we age. Getting too little exercise followed by a strenuous workout also can cause back pain.”

There are two types of back pain:

Acute, or short-term back pain lasts a few days to a few weeks. This pain is usually a result of muscle strain or improper bending and lifting. It tends to resolve on its own within a few days with self-care (rest, heat pack.)

Chronic back pain is defined as pain that continues for 12 weeks or longer, even after an initial injury or underlying cause of acute low back pain has been treated.

Most people address lower back pain by taking pain relief medication. However, not all lower back pain can be resolved by taking medication. Reliance on pain medication for temporary relief can lead to a worse problem – addiction.

Chinese medicine’s approach to any health condition is to first identify the cause. Most people are not aware that constipation is one of the causes of lower back pain. I have successfully treated many lower back pain cases from restoring a person’s bowel movements with acupuncture, update their eating and water intake.

“Location, Location, Location” is a common mantra in real estate. It also applies to the body. The colon is located in the lower part of the abdominal cavity, it is located in front of the spine. When the colon expands, it will affect its adjacent neighbor which is the lower back spine.  READ MORE